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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: WG 223 Tap/Race/Feminism

Finding and using key resources in women's and gender studies in a strategic manner


Performance Archive

Other Useful Research Guides

Use the Primary Sources tab in the American History guide for more digital archives.  The African-American Studies guide has a wide variety of types of information available.

African American Newspapers @ Colby

Ditigal Archives

Digital Public Library of America
A remarkable collection of images, text, videos, and audio material from the collections of U.S. public libraries.  Search specific people, or search on "tap dance", then look for the box on the bottom left for types of material.  Select "Moving Image" to see a collection of video interviews of Honi Coles.

Hathi Trust  
A larger, international, academic version of the DPLA, this is a treasure-trove of all types of resources, primarily print but also text.  Some items will be in full text; others will need to be located in a library collection.  From the Libraries home page, select "Databases", then click the Hathi Trust button.  You'll need to log in as a Colby user to get all the benefits.  For more instruction on how to use Hathi Trust, contact a librarian, or see the Hathi Trust guide.

Library of Congress Tap Dance in America  
Documentation of twentieth-century tap performance. The collection is searchable by the title, date, and venue of performance; dancer, choreographer, director, producer; and performance medium (film, television, radio, stage, club); as well as by the names of “tap numbers” and tap choreographies. Though the database is not complete in any way, it is the most exhaustive and detailed collection of materials on record.  You could also search The Library of Congress as a whole to see a wider range of material, from audio to print.

House of Tap 
The idea of the project is to promote tap dance as a modern art form all over the globe for all kinds of tap enthusiasts: people wishing to start tap dancing, beginners, amateurs, professionals, promoters, agents, sponsors, etc., by giving an open access to a database updated on a daily basis by the users of the website and the administrators. Anyone can register and add to the database by creating new profile pages, filing new events and writing stories.

Tap Dancing Resources. Links to tap websites

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