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A Guide to Researching Terrorism: REMEMBERING 9-11


A few books ~

The Battle against Anarchist Terrorism : an International History, 1878-1934 / Richard Bach Jensen.   In Miller  HX828 .J46 2014

An International History of Terrorism : Western and non-Western Experiences / edited by Jussi M. Hanhimäki and Bernhard Blumenau.  At Bowdoin  HV6431 .I5466 2013

Pirates, Terrorists, and Warlords : the History, Influence, and Future of Armed Groups around the World / edited by Jeffrey H. Norwitz.   In Miller  HV6431 .P565 2009

Enemies of Humanity : the Nineteenth-Century War on Terrorism / edited by Isaac Land.  At Bowdoin  HV6431 .E546 2008


To look for more ~

    Search CBBcat for the SUBJECT  Terrorism - History

    Request books from Bates and Bowdoin by clicking  CBB Request in the line of buttons above the search boxes.

    To find encyclopedia articles, go to Credo Reference (you can find it in CBBcat) and search "history of terrorism."  You will get a long list of results; notice the title of the encyclopedia each article is published in (some are devoted to special topics) and the word count for the article (100 words is 3 or 4 sentences).

Terrorism Defined

From Terrorism and the Ethics of War by Stephan Nathanson (Available at Colby)

Terrorist acts:

  • Are acts of serious violence
  • Have a communicative/promotional quality
  • Target small group to influence larger group
  • Attack innocent people/non-combatants


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