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Team Learning: Summer 2017


There is A LOT of literature on team learning in higher education and sorting through it was quite an adventure.  You might think that I am short-changing you by only offering one journal article and one book - but what can I say, they cover all of the necessary bases . The Oakley article explores the differences between group learning and team learning, suggesting that purposefully designed teams can enhance the learning experience, but that loosely formed groups also have their benefits.  Ultimately, you need to decide why you are wanting students to work in groups and teams. Michaelsen's book reviews his version of team learning, which challenges many of the ways we have been using teams in higher ed. Team-Based Learning, in Michaelsen's view, leverages team work by having teams work on their projects or tasks in class. He also has his teams work on identical tasks to enrich class discussions.  Most importantly, in my opinion, he suggests that teams work on significant (challenging, rigorous - take your pick) problems or tasks. I have also included a few videos that help you explore how best to deploy group and teamwork to ensure that all students, especially the introverts, get the most out of the experience. Finally, check out the slide deck I used during the Spring 2017 Workshop on this topic.  

Carol A. Hurney, Director Colby CTL (August 2017)


Where Good Ideas Come From - Steve Johnson

The Power of Introverts - Susan Cain

Team-Based Learning in Action

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