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AM 254 Surveillance Culture (Hickey): Research

Jan Plan 2021. Professor: Amber Hickey

Find Scholarly Articles in Library Databases

Search multiple reievant databases. Click on the "i" icon for more information.

(If off-campus, you will need to use the Colby VPN to get the direct links in Google Scholar to Colby full-text.)

Databases can contain different types of material.  LIMIT YOUR RESULTS TO SCHOLARLY JOURNALS.


  • provide in-depth analysis or report original research
  • use source citations
  • are written by and for scholars
  • peer-reviewed articles are preferred in academic research

  Surveillance & Society is an example of a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

Find Newspaper Articles

Colby Libraries Newspaper Guide - U.S. & international, current & historical

Also available: Free individual subscriptions to the full color digital editions of the NYT, WSJ and Waterville Morning Sentinel

Find Magazine Articles

Although not scholarly, the following magazines often have thoughtful articles that can be used to get a sense of the popular discourse surrounding an issue.

  Surveillance by Jonathan McIntosh, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tips to Get Better Search Results

In some library resources, KEYWORDS are read as an exact sequence of letters. Searching for "camera" will NOT find "cameras"

Use an ASTERISK to stand in for different word endings: techn* = technology, technologies, technological

Use QUOTATION MARKS to "glue together" a phrase:  "national security" 

Put a DIFFERENT CONCEPT ON EACH ROW of a multiple row search option, and experiment with terms.

Use OR to search synonyms. camera* OR CTV

In a single search box, put PARENTHESES around an OR phrase.

TOO FEW RESULTS? Add similar terms in an OR phrase. Use broader search terms.

TOO MANY RESULTS? Zero in on concepts by adding more precise terms.

Check for the MOST RECENT MATERIAL ON A TOPIC. Sort by date or use a date slider, if available.

SUBJECT HEADINGS group articles/books by meaning. Look for them in item records.

Sample Subject Headings in CBBcat:


Check the notes, references and bibliographies of every relevant article or book to find more sources.

Put the titles of sources in Google Scholar or Scopus and click on Cited By to find out who is citing a work.

This is going back and forward in time to follow a scholarly conversation.

Find the Full-Text of Articles

Colby Databases often have either direct links to full-text or to a form where you can quickly order full-text from another library.

But to find full-text of an article listed in a bibliography, use OneSearch Advanced Search.

  • Enter the title of the article in top row search box and change the first drop-down to Title.
  • You may need to also add the last name of the author in the second row.

If you don't get results, check this box at the top of the search results: 

If full text is not available at Colby, you'll get a screen with this message:

Click on it and you'll be taken to ILLIAD, our interlibrary loan service.

ILLiad: Getting What Colby Doesn't Have


Not available in full-text? Request through ILLiad. Another library may be able to automatically send a PDF in just a few hours.

If you're in a database or OneSearch and you're directed to a screen that says Request from ILLiad or Request from another library, click on it. You'll be taken to your ILLiad account and the form will be mostly populated for you!


Libraries also scan book chapters into PDFs. If a book you want is not in CBBcat or if it is only in print and you need to access it digitally, use ILLiad to request a book chapter or two. (Copyright law won't allow the scanning of an entire book.) If you don't have chapter information, search the title of the book in Google Books. You may be able to see the Table of Contents by clicking  "Preview."

Find Scholarly Books in our Library Catalog

CBBcat, the library catalog, logo image

Scholarly books in our library catalog can be great for breadth and depth, including historical information.

To identify SCHOLARLY BOOKS, investigate/examine the:

  • author (university affiliation, research specialty)
  • publisher (academic or university press)
  • writing style & intended audience
  • arguments, analysis, study methodology
  • notes, references, bibliography

REMOTE LEARNING: look for a small circular red E in the icons to the left of your results . These are online resources.

Or use the drop-downs on the CBBcat search page, for a more precise search.

ON CAMPUS: Order books for Miller pickup by clicking CBB Request in an item record. Miller Library bookstacks are also physically accessible when the library is open.

Reference & Legal Context

Photo: Book by Lalena Jaramillo, Flickr Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Course Librarian

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Laine Thielstrom

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