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Your Colby Card is also your library card:  the Colby Card allows you to check out books and other items pay library fines and pay for photocopies.

  • Additionally, your Colby username and password  are necessary to access your Library Account and are the keys to other library resources and services
  • Your ILLiad account is what you use for requested items from Interlibrary Loan, go here for additional information.
  • However, you will use your barcode -- only numbers, no letters  (on the back of your ID) to request items from NExpress or CBBcat.

You can borrow more than books from the libraries: You can also check out for example:


CDs (audio) Music cds are available in Bixler Art and Music Library.  Miller has audiobooks on cd as well.
Calculators (Scientific) Borrow a scientific calculator at  Miller or Science libraries to help complete an assignment or to bring to exams (if the professor allows). Available at the service desk.
Headphones Borrow headphones along with a laptop to listen to music or watch a movie. Kept on Reserve.
Laptops Macs and PCs are available at the service desks at each of the libraries to borrow for four hours.  Users must save their work to an external source, e.g., a flash drive or some kind of internet storage, like Google Docs. This because the computers are frozen and restart clean this prevents viruses and other cyber-junk and protects privicy; important because the reserve laptops are heavily used.  Loaner Laptop Policy
Mac & PC computer chargers Also kept on Reserve, 4 hour loan, ask for these at the library service desk.
Movies, DVDs DVDs and VHS tapes are available at any of the libraries. Documentaries and popular selections are available. In Bixler they are kept behind the service desk.



Reserve items are special texts or equipment that have shorter than usual loan periods.  Reserves for classes are located at each library (depending on the class subject matter) behind the Service desk.  Students look up the readings or viewings in the catalog and then request them by call number at the desk.

Reserve loan periods vary; 2 hour or 4 hour loan periods are the most common, although 24 hour loan periods also exist.

Books Not only library texts but professors' personal copies are placed on Reserve.  Often students will check out a reserve text and copy or scan the necessary material, and then return it shortly thereafter. Held at all of the libraries based on course subject.
VHS/DVD Professors often assign viewings for classes as well, these circulate for 4 hours. Viewing stations capable of playing VHS are available in all three libraries.
Calculators (Scientific) 4 hour loan period, available at Miller and Science libraries.
Folders Some professors utilize folders for answer keys for past assignments or tests. Professors can add to reserve folders as the semester goes along, so as the class progresses, the reserve folder grows!
Headphones 4 hour loan period.
Keys Science labs in Mudd, Keyes, Arey, and Olin are usually locked, but some faculty arrange to leave lab keys on reserve in the Science Library so students can gain access to their lab space. Students must be enrolled in the course. When requesting a key, they must provide the proper course number (eg. BI 2XX) and their photo ID. Then, the student assistant has to match their name to the list of students registered in that course.
Laptops 4 hour loan period. Remember to save your work to an external source.  Loaner Laptop Policy


Note: You are allowed to take all reserve items out of the library, but you must return them at the appropriate time! You will have to pay a fine for any reserve items that are not returned on time, and you will be responsible for any damage to the reserve item while it is in your possession.


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