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SP/LA 376 Narratives, Artifacts, and Monuments of Pre-Columbian Civilization : Resources

This course was formerly SP/LA 278



For even more resources, check out these Colby Library Guides:


  •  Credo REFERENCE   (includes Routledge Encyclopedia of Cultural and Social Anthropology, Encyclopedia of Archeology & other works)

Photo: Palenque (Mexico). Source: Brongaeh, Flickr.

Scholarly journals
  • report original research in a specific discipline
  • use in-text citations and bibliographies
  • typically contain peer-reviewed articles

Many databases allow you to check a box to narrow your results only to articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.


Doing BOTH Keyword and Subject searches can help you find better results!


  • Experiment with synonyms and related terms
  • Use an asterisk to stand in for letter variations  (maya*  = maya, mayan, mayans)
  • Use quotation marks to "glue together" a phrase  ("Central America")

Use background reference materials to identify alternative keywords. Find additional keywords in the indexes of books and within articles.


Find one good item? Look at its item record to see if there are Subject Headings. Click on these links to find similar items. CBBcat uses Library of Congress Subject Headings. Unfortunately, these headings sometimes use outdated terminology, but once identified they can often provide much more precise search results than using keywords. Examples of LOC Subject Headings:

  • Indians of Mexico -- Antiquities
  • South America -- Antiquities
  • Andes Region -- Antiquities -- Catalogs
  • Maya art
  • Mayan languages -- Writing
  • Inca architecture
  • Aztec painting
  • Tzotzil Indians -- Folklore
  • Totonac Architecture

Searching shortened LOC headings (Inca instead of Inca Architecture), using Subject in the drop-down menu (instead of keyword), can take you inside the LOC Subject Tree. This can be a great way to browse and explore topics.


CBBcat, the library catalog, logo image

Search by title, author or keyword.

For remote learning, look at the icons on the left in your results for a small circular red E. These are online resources. (E-books, streamed film, streamed music, government docs, other digital documents.)

Or use the drop-downs on the search page, for a more precise search.


To order books from the Colby Storage Facility, Bates or Bowdoin:

Click on  
at top of the item record.

Enter your name and bar code number (omit beginning and ending letters) from your Student ID or Library Card.

You will be notified by email when your request arrives.


To find more films, search CBBcat (More Search Options or Advanced Search) changing "Search Entire CBB Collections" in the drop down menu to "Video/DVD/Streaming."

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