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AR 358 / AM 358 Photography and Migration: Begin

Research "migrations" through photographs and the context of American visual culture, American history, Maine immigrant communities

Core Databases

Encyclopedias and Atlases

Ways of seeing...what's going on in this photograph

St. Peter's School, Lewiston, Class of 1910.  Maine Memory Network. "St. Peter's School ('Ecole St Pierre') was the first parish school in Lewiston. It opened in 1878 to serve the French-speaking children of immigrants who poured into Lewiston in the 1860s and 70s to work in the mills. Although children were taught exclusively in French -- from Canadian textbooks -- until the 1930s, there was a growing desire among parents to "Americanize" their children to provide them with better life chances. Note the large Stars and Stripes behind the graduates."

                 St Peter's School, Lewiston, Class of 1910

Question, analyze, research

Photographic analysis tools created by the National Archives and the Library of Congress will help you elicit questions about your photograph.

Possible topic: 

French-Canadian immigrants in Maine: identity and assimilation in Franco-American communities

Possible Keywords: (use asterisk to retrieve spelling variations)

  • Franco-American*, French-Canadian*, French Americans
  • Immigra* / Emigra*
  • Assimilation / Identity 
  • Canada / Quebec
  • Lewiston / Maine / New England  / Americ* / United States
  • St. Peter's, Catholic church, churches, church schools, parish, Diocese

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