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Open Access Publishing: Understanding Open Access Mandates

Public Access Mandates: What You Need To Know

In 2008, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) adopted a policy requiring all NIH funded research to be deposited within 12 months of publication into the repository PubMedCentral. In 2013, the White House, through the Office of Science and Technology Policy, issued an executive directive mandating that U.S. Government agencies with annual extramural research and development expenditures over $100 million make the results of taxpayer-funded research—both articles and data—be made freely available to the general public with the goal of accelerating scientific discovery and fueling innovation.

Understanding the article and data sharing mandates of federal agencies, state agencies, and private funders is crucial to securing research funding and maintaining compliance. 

Helpful Links

  • SHERPA/Juliet - a searchable database of research funder's open access policies.
  • SHERPA/FACT - a searchable database to help researchers determine whether the journals in which they wish to publish comply with their funder's requirements for open access to research.

Public Access News

Finding Article and Data Sharing Requirements

SPARC provides a community resource summarizing current federal agency public access policies for both data and articles.  You can select up to three agencies and compare their policies.

Article Sharing Requirements by Federal Agency

Learn about article public access requirements for NSF, NIH, and other federal agency grants.

Data Sharing Requirements by Federal Agency

Learn about federal agency grant requirements for data management and sharing.


ROARMAP: The Registry of Open Access Repositories Mandatory Archiving Policies (ROARMAP) is a searchable international registry charting the growth of open access mandates adopted by universities, research institutions and research funders that require their researchers to provide open access to their peer-reviewed research article output by depositing it in an open access repository.

Create A Data Management Plan

DMPTool logoThe DMPTool gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create a DMP using a web-based generator. Create an account to get started.

See some example plans generated by the tool.

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