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EN 120 Medical Ethics (Sibara): Research

Jay Sibara, Fall 2020

Find Scholarly Articles

EBSCO databases:

Proquest databases:

Databases from other vendors:


  • provide in-depth analysis or report original research
  • use source citations
  • are written by and for scholars
  • peer-reviewed articles are especially valued

Look for options in databases to limit your results to articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. 

Course Librarian

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Laine Thielstrom

Contact me by email or chat (send me a Google Hangouts invite). Or let's talk about your research or information need on Google Meet or Zoom!

Find Scholarly Books

CBBcat, the library catalog, logo image

Search for physical and digital books, films and other media in our library catalog.

To identify SCHOLARLY BOOKS, investigate/examine the:

  • author (university affiliation, research specialty)
  • publisher (academic or university press)
  • writing style & intended audience
  • arguments, analysis, study methodology
  • notes, references, bibliography

REMOTE LEARNING: look for a small circular red E in the icons to the left of your results . These are online resources.

Or use the drop-downs on the CBBcat search page, for a more precise search.

ON CAMPUS: Order books for Miller pickup by clicking CBB Request in an item record. Miller Library bookstacks are also physically accessible when the library is open.

Find Newspaper Articles

Colby Libraries Newspaper Guide - U.S. & international, current & historical

Also available: Free individual subscriptions to the full color digital editions of the NYT, WSJ and Waterville Morning Sentinel

Photo: Olly's Paper Hideout by Sallhan


Bioethics Blogs & News

File:Refusal of treatment form.jpg

Refusal of Treatment form (Source: Wikicommons)

Search Tips

Use an ASTERISK to stand in for different word endings: gene* > genes, genetic, etc.

Use QUOTATION MARKS to "glue together" a phrase:  "reproductive rights" 

Use PARENTHESES with OR to search synonyms:  (death OR dying)

KEYWORDS are only a combination of letters 

Use SUBJECT HEADINGS to find articles/books tagged as being about that subject

Sample Subject Headings in CBBcat:


Check the notes, references and bibliographies of every relevant article or book to find more sources.

Contextual Information (Reports, Presentations, Interviews)

  A rich storehouse of documents and images tracking medical history in the U.S.

Advisory panel of the nation’s leaders in medicine, science, ethics, religion, law, and engineering.

Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University. "Explore Bioethics Topics" feature.  Search for recommended books  in CBBcat.

The book, Observing Bioethics (2008) by Renee C. Fox and Judith P. Swazey was based on these interviews. Held by Digital Georgetown.

Provides a focal point for the examination of ethical issues raised by activities throughout the Organization.

  The CDC is one of the major operating components of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Focusing on health issues and programs in the Americas, PAHO is part of the United Nations' World Health Organization. 

Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature. NIH Exhibition. Information and images.

  MIT's collaborative reading experiment of Mary Shelley's novel with community commentary via text and video.

Data, Statistics and Public Opinion Polls

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