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McNair poems and interviews online: Home



Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac
Keillor reading selected McNair poems, 1997 -- 2010:
"Making Things Clean"
"The Bald Spot"
"The Book of A"
"The Future"
"The Retarded Children Play Baseball"
"Goodbye to the Old Life"
"For My Wife"
"Waving Goodbye"
"Morning in America"
"Hymn to the Comb-Over"

McNair reading at NPR's Sunken Garden Poetry Festival, 13 July 2002:
"Charles By Accident"

"Summer Reading: Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate"
Liane Hansen interview with Billy Collins, 11 August 2002, who reads McNair's poem:
"Killing the Animals"

Slate Magazine
McNair reading five poems, 2002 -- 2008:
"Losing My Hair"
"Question at One O'Clock"
"My Father Going Away"
"As if the Voice in the Background When My Mother Calls"

"The 2003 NH Literary Awards Poets"
John Walters interview with McNair and L.R. Berger on New Hampshire Public Radio, 22 October 2003, with McNair reading:
"How I Became a Poet"

"Poems from a Hardscrabble Life"
John Walters interview with McNair on New Hampshire Public Radio, 8 January 2004, with McNair reading:
"What They Are"
"Goodbye to the Old Life"
"How I Became a Poet"

"Maxine Kumin and Wesley McNair Poems"
Library of Congress poetry reading, 9 November 2006, with McNair reading:
"Charles By Accident"
"Making Thngs Clean"
"Hymn to the Comb-over"
"The Retarded Children Play Baseball"
"If You Had Come"
"Poem For My Feet"
"The Rules of the New Car"
"My Town"
"Love Handles"

McNair reading for Words From the Frontier: Poetry in Maine project, 2008:
{Introductory remarks]
"How I Became a Poet"
"Hymn to the Comb-over"
"My Town"

New Hampshire Author Series
McNair interview at UNH on 20 December 2010, covering the craft of poetry, reading and other topics.

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