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War in Ukraine

This guide is intended to give you a few starting points in various media for learning more about the current crisis in Ukraine. For even more information, see the University of Maine library's guide by Joe McGraw, to whom I am indebted for a number of the resources cited below.


Analysis by experts:

International newspapers:

Web Resources

Documents & Websites

How We Got Here:




  • DW News - Russian strike on base near Lviv
  • BBC - Asian countries economic reaction to Russia
  • France 24 - Russians living in Ukraine
  • New York Times - Maps tracking the invasion
  • al-Jazeera - claims of bioweapons dismissed
  • al-Jazeera - Russia uses hypersonic missiles
  • France 24 - 3/21  extended exchange of views among journalists on the ground
  • NBC News - 3/22  NATO exercises in Norway (previously scheduled)
  • Sky News - 3/24 Stoltenberg address after NATO summit (begins 12.30 minutes in)
  • MSNBC - 3/25 Russian battleground communications intercepted
  • DemocracyNow - 3/25 argument for negotiated neutrality
  • 7News Australia - 3/26  update from the front
  • DW - 3/26 Serbia's position
  • Sky News -  4/7  interview with Dmitry Peskov: what the Kremlin says
  • India Today - 4/9  [Recall that India has generally not voted to sanction or censure Russia in the last weeks]
  • WNT (World News Today) -  4/16 cargo plane delivering arms to Ukraine shot down 
  • Crux - 4/22  specifics on one of the heavy weapons France is sending to Ukraine
  • India Today - 4/23 compilation update; India's neutral stance gives their reporters some access behind Russian lines
  • Democracy Now --  5/3  risks of escalation
  • TLDR News -- 5/4  current geography of the war (Note the way this video seems to have been produced.)
  • US Daily Brief - 6/20 Russian warship enters Danish territorial waters on 6/17
  • DW  - 6/22 update & examination of the situations in Crimea and Kaliningrad
  • For Colby's subscribed access to the Times and the Wall Street Journal, see this guide to set up your account.



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