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HI 120E World Revolutions: Resources

Spring 2020. Instructor: Lauren Parker

Find Articles

Journal of Modern History is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

Note the type of publication an article is in.
* Scholarly journals, especially peer-reviewed journals, are where faculty publish their research.
* Magazines can provide popular perspectives or alternative voices.
* Newspapers can offer the most current information or as primary sources show attitudes and feelings of a certain time.

Scholarly Journals

Look for options in databases to limit your results to articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

Articles in scholarly journals, especially when PEER-REVIEWED are particularly important to academic research. They:

  • provide in-depth analysis or report original research
  • use in-text citations and bibliographies
  • are written by and for scholars

Search Strategies

1. Use an asterisk to search all endings of a word: revolut* = revolution, revolutions, revolutionary

2. Use quotes to glue together a phrase: "cultural revolution"

3. Put synonyms in parentheses with OR between each term: (socialis* OR communis*)

4. As you find material, scan for alternative search terms in item records and references, and then try new searches.

5. Start with a keyword search and look for subject headings links in item records.

6. Follow citation trails. Check references and bibliographies for more articles. Check Google Scholar to see who else is citing a source.


OneSearch searches multiple resources at once. Use for very precise searches:

  • Finding a specific article
  • Finding book chapters on a writer or an artistic work
  • Finding book reviews

For best results, use limiters. 

  Photo:  Slavic and East European Collections, The New York Public Library. "Ukrainskaia krasnaia armiia osvobozhdaet svoi narod."

Primary Sources - Archival Collections

“The Hymn of Free Russia” by Gimn Svobodnoi Rossii, March 1917. Hathi Trust


Find digitized archival collections of primary source material related to your topic by doing very precise searches online.

Do a Google search for your topic or person and add these words and phrases:

  • digital collection* OR "digital library" OR "digital archives"
  • "oral histories" OR  posters OR videos or cartoons
  • museum OR archive*
  • manuscripts OR diaries OR correspondence

From the Google results, click on: Settings > Advanced Search 
You can then narrow your search by entering .edu or .gov or .org in the Site or Domain box

Experiment with terms using the "find pages with" fields. Think carefully about language of discipline and time.

Writing & Citation Help

Citation managers help you organize your research, collect citations & automatically create bibliographies.

Our Citation Software guide can help you decide which to use.


Need to use these resources off campus?

Off-campus users will often be able to gain access to Colby Library resources using their Colby ID and password.. But for the most reliable access, install VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your computer or device. This fools your device into thinking you're on campus! (You may also need to click on the VPN app icon every time you sign in.)

Find Books & Media

SEARCH our library catalog

To order items from Colby Storage, Bates or Bowdoin: Click on

Items not available at CBB or MaineCat? Check WorldCat and order through ILLiad, our interlibrary loan service.

Look for Subject Heading links in item records. Sample CBBcat Subject Searches:

* Revolutions * Revolutions and Socialism * Utopian Socialism * Communism History * Mao, Zedong, 1893-1976 * Cuba History Revolution 1959 *

Primary Sources - Historical Newspapers & Magazines

Associated Press. "Mao Elected Head of Red China Group." The Washington Post (1923-1954), Oct 01, 1949.

Primary Sources - Government Documents

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