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Librarian for Humanities

Karen Gillum

Miller Library
(207) 859-5123

Cinema Studies, Classics, East Asian Studies, English, Modern Languages, Philosophy

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LC Classification:

The Library's collection is arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification system.

Go up to the 3rd floor, Stack 6 of Miller Library to find:

D 804-805.6 - History of the Holocaust

DD 1 - DD 901 - History of Germany

DD 253-256.8 - German History - (Rise of the Nazi party - WWII)

Go to the 1st floor, Stack 3 of Miller Library to find:

PF 3001 - PF 5999 - German language and philosophy

PN 1993-1999 - Film Studies

PN 1993.5. G3 - Motion Pictures- Germany - History

PN 1995.9- H50 Holocaust in Motion Pictures

Go to the basement level, Stack 1 of Miller Library to find:

PT 2600-2653 - German Literature (1860-1960)

PT 2660-@688 - German Literature (1961-2000)

PT 2700-2728 - German Literature (2001-)

Tip: Many relevant materials are shelved in the circulating stacks and therefore, not mentioned in this guide. The shelves can be browsed electronically by clicking on any item's call number.

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