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EN120 Styles of Persuasion (Hanlon): Research Resources

Find Articles in Databases

Databases may contain both articles from scholarly journals and articles from popular publications. Use type of publication filters to more easily compare results.


  • are important in college level research
  • are written by and for scholars
  • publish scholarly work in a specific discipline
  • use citations/bibliographies to give attribution and provide evidence
  • typically contain peer-reviewed articles (the gold standard)

Look for database options to limit your search to scholarly, peer-reviewed articles:

Cover of PMLA Journal


Newsstand publications can offer a more accessible approach. Depending on the publication and the author, articles may also include thoughtful arguments and analysis.

Besides searching databases, one can search within specific publications separately. Some examples...

Search for other periodical titles in CBBcat as follows:

Studies of speakers (Elke Seeger), wwwuppertal, 2013, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Search Tips

The eyes of an owlPhoto: The Look, 2017, Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


  • Experiment with different search combinations, using synonyms and related terms.
  • Use an asterisk to stand in for multiple word endings: narrat* = narrator, narrative, narrate, narrates
  • Use quotation marks to "glue together" a phrase: "stream of consciousness"
  • Use AND between terms to narrow results to items containing both terms: writing AND dialogue
  • Using OR between items (within parenthesis) widens results: ("first-person" OR "point of view")
  • Combine terms to build search strings.


Find an item of interest using a keyword search? Look at its item record to identify Subject Terms. These links group material  together by topic which can yield more precise results. Sample subject headings:


To find items by authors, do an Author Search (last name, first name):  Kincaid, Jamaica

To find items about authors, do a Subject Search (last name, first name):  Didion, Joan

To find literary criticism, note that major authors often have the sub-division Criticism and interpretation:  Baldwin, James 1924 1987 Criticism And Interpretation


Check the notes, references and bibliographies of every relevant article or book. You may discover a book or article perfect for your topic. One good source can lead to another!


  • OneSearch is a discovery tool.
  • It searches multiple resources at once.
  • It's best used for very precise needs, such as:
  • Finding a specific article
  • Finding book reviews for a specific book
  • Narrow, interdisciplinary topics
  • For best results, use limiters -  e.g. field drop-downs, content type, etc.
  • For topical searches, first consult CBBcat and individual databases.

Find Books in CBBcat

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