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EA 252: EA 252


Find scholarly articles and contemporary news:

For a focus specifically on Asia:


Articles in academic journals reflect current scholarly conversation on a given topic.

 Look for a sidebar in databases that will allow you to limit your results to scholarly journals, set date ranges, etc.

EA 252

Lu Xun Park, Qingdao (Source: Wikicommons)

Librarian for East Asian Studies: Karen Gillum

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Construct your research strategically.

  • For background information, use Credo Reference or print dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Use terminology and facts learned from the background information to search for articles in the Bibliography of Asian StudiesAcademic Search Complete, and other databases at right. Articles present an argument on a particular aspect of a topic, not facts alone.
  • Search for books in any of Colby's catalogs, expanding your search with subject linking. The longer form of a book provides greater breadth of general information or greater depth of argument.
  • Investigate the notes and bibliographies of every good source you find for leads to more
  • Think about what sorts of publications the information you need might be published in

Look for background on Chinese literary theory in -- Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism

on Chinese history in -- Cambridge History of China

on Chinese art in -- Oxford/Grove Art Online 

on Chinese film in -- Oxford Bibliography of Chinese Film


Use catalogs to find books

            .....using subjects at left

CBBcat - for readily available books

WorldCat - search catalogs of libraries worldwide

Directions on signing up for ILL


A few examples:

Research Practice

1. Where would you look for a relatively brief explanation of Marxist or modernist literary theory? What is the title of the article you found?

2. Name two sources in which you could look for scholarly journal articles on Xiao Hong's writing. Give the title of one article and the title of the journal it is published in.

3. What is the title of a book about (not by) Ding Ling? What is its call number?  Which of the CBB schools has a student thesis related to Ding Ling in their Special Collections?

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