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East Asian Studies: Finding Non-English Books & Videos

How to Find Books in CBBcat in Languages other than English

Colby does have both books and ebooks in a number of languages. Try these methods to find books you are interested in:

Method I

     Search for a keyword or title in the desired language. This will often work also for non-Roman characters:


Method II

   Go to Advanced Keyword Search, linked just under the CBBcat search boxes. In the first set of boxes enter an Author or a Keyword; next select Lang Matl (or ebooks) under Material Type; finally select the desired Language. This method will also return some books that have been translated into  English, if the record notes the original language.



Use these tips to find videos in other languages as well. With Method II, select DVD under Material Type; with Method I, change Entire CBB Collection to Video/DVD/Streaming:


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