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East Asian Studies: EA 120


Welcome to the EA120 Library Guide!


Image by Gary Todd, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Think Strategically About Your Research

  • Look for background information before diving in! Use Credo Reference, dictionaries and encyclopedias. This step is to gather general facts about your topic and vocabulary used by experts in the field.
  • Search for articles in databases like the Bibliography of Asian Studies using words you've gathered from your background research. Articles present an argument in contrast to facts alone. Skim through search results by looking at article abstracts.
  • Search for books in Colby's catalogs, using first keyword and then subject headings to find relevant results. Books provide greater breadth of information and greater depth of argument than journal articles.
  • Search for images using ArtStor.
  • Whenever you use web browsers, make sure to notice the url and consider what type of entity has created the web page, e.g., .gov, .org, .com. Try Google Advanced Search and Google Advanced Image Search. (More info on determining source credibility here)
  • Investigate the notes and bibliographies of every good source you find to identify other similar sources.

Searching Tips:

  • Use an asterisk (*) at the end of words to search all forms of the word (ex. relation* = relationship, relations)
  • Use quotation marks around phrases to search for multiple words as a unit.
  • Pay attention to abstracts of articles to find more keywords to search for.
  • Remember! Once you find a good resource, look at the works cited to find more similar resources.
  • See the Researching & Reading page for more information!

MLA Citation Resources:

1. Look at the Purdue OWL MLA Formatting Guide or the EasyBib MLA Citation Examples.

MLA Citation Examples:

Book with one author: McDowall, Stephen. Qian Qianyi's Reflections on Yellow Mountain: Traces of a Late-Ming Hatchet and Chisel. Hong Kong University Press, 1994.

Journal Article from Database:  Hou, Wenhui. “Reflections on Chinese Traditional Ideas of Nature.” Environmental History, vol. 2, no. 4, 1997, pp. 482–493. JSTOR, Accessed 4 Mar. 2021. [Consult your professor on whether to include url, doi, or date accessed.]

2. See sample works cited page

3. Check Purdue OWL's sample paper.

Helpful Resources

Checking out Books:

CBBcat - catalog of books in the libraries of Colby, Bates and Bowdoin

WorldCat - catalog of books in libraries around the world

Order books through ILLiad!

How Tos:

Useful Databases: 

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