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Congressional Sources for the Uninitiated: Your Needs?

Basic information about the U.S. legislative process and regulations.

Do First

Learn about the legislative process if you don't know it already. Check out the tab above.

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What Are?

  • REPORTS - what the committee sends back to the floor after a hearing. A summary with their vote on whether the bill should live or die. Does not have as much information as the HEARING.
  • PRINTS - background information given to the committee.

Summary of Each Administration

Additional Research Guide

In-depth Analysis of Topics

Legislative Action


Committees hold hearings to decide whether to send the bill to the floor or not. Hearings may be the most useful to you since they include expert testimony on both sides that won't go into the committee's report. An expert can give statistics or other documentation that is then appended to their testimony. Hearings can be very lengthy documents, but full of information.

House or Senate Action

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