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CH 242 SciFinder-n: Get Started

About CAS Registry Numbers

Scifinder N

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COMING December 20th! SciFinder gets a new interface called SciFindernSciFindern is the most comprehensive discovery tool of chemical information.  We currently have access to both SciFinder and SciFindern but as of December 31st, the SciFinder classic interface will be retired..  Explore the new SciFindernat 

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Register to use SciFinder-n!

SciFinder-n requires you to register and create a username and password. You'll need this username/password to log in each time you use SciFinder-n.

Go to User Registration for SciFinder-n. You must use your Colby email.
You will receive an email confirmation with a login ID for future use.
After registration,  go to SciFinder-n  and login

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