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IT 297

Nature in Italian Literature and Film

Vertumnus, Guiseppe Arcimboldo, 1590-1591

Four Seasons On One Head, Guiseppe Arcimboldo, 1590-1591

Steps in Your Research

  • Read your initial text attentively, considering what information would put the writing in context and give you a fuller understanding of it.
  • Think about what sorts of publications the information you need might be published in
  • Look up background information in the reference materials, e.g., Credo Reference, encyclopedias, atlases and histories, etc.
  • Use terminology and facts learned from background sources to search for articles in historical newspapers and periodical databases. 
  • Search for books (memoirs, collections of letters, biographies, diaries, special histories)  in any of Colby's catalogs, expanding your search with subject linking

Some interesting links:

Finding Books and Media


  • CBBcat - The library catalog of Colby, Bates & Bowdoin
    Search for books, CDs, videos and more.
  • WorldCat
    Search for books and other materials held in libraries worldwide. Order through ILLiad.

Signing up for an ILLiad account


  • Use quotation marks to glue a phrase together. E.g., "Milanese Design"
  • Use an asterisk as a wild card to cover word variations. E.g., Urban* (for Urban, Urbanized, Urbanist)
  • Broaden your search by using OR with parentheses. E.g., (Milan OR Italy). Results can contain either term.
  • Narrow your search by using AND. E.g., Milan AND Florence. Results must contain both terms.
  • Find one good item? Click on a record's Subject Headings to find similar material.
  • Expand your reach, sign up for ILLiad, our Interlibrary loan service.
  • Order directly from within WorldCat by clicking on Request through ILLiad@Colby.
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