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Migration: Science: Animals



"The Greatest Animal Migration." African Migrations (43 min.)  This documentary follows the migration of wildabeasts across the Sarangheti, with all the various other creatures that are traveling simultaneously with the wildabeasts, and the natural phenomenon that can occurr along the way.

"The Greatest Migration." YouTube. Free Documentary. 4 Aug. 2014. Web. <>


African Elephants

Asian Elephants 


Video courtesy of the World Wildlife Fund: "Tracking wildlife movement is critical to conservation. This zebra was safely tranquilized and collared in 2012, documenting a recorded migration for land mammals in Africa. Eight collared zebras were tracked via GPS making a made a round trip of more than 300 miles between Botswana and Namibia two years in a row."  

"Colloring a Zebra to Track it's Record Migration." YouTube. WWF. 4 Aug. 2014. We. <>

Monarch Butterflies

Video courtesy of the New York Times YouTube channel.

"The Long Journey Home." YouTube. New York Times. 4 Aug. 2014. Web. <>

Mountain Goats

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