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RefWorks: A Citation Manager


What does RefWorks do?

What does RefWorks do?

  • Save and organize citations
  • Directly import citations from popular databases like ProQuest and Academic Search Complete
  • Access saved databases and journals directly through RefWorks
  • Produce formatted Works Cited lists and Bibliographies

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Tutorial Video

Look at the RefWorks Youtube Page for more helpful tutorials!

Getting Started

Step 1: Importing sources into RefWorks

In most databases, there is an export feature that lets you put sources citations in citation managers. Use this to automatically put source citations into RefWorks. Imported citations will appear in the main RefWorks view page, as seen below. Once you have imported citations you can begin organizing them and making bibliographies!


Step 2: Organizing sources in RefWorks

The primary way to organize sources is to use folders. Use the command bar on the top of the page to create a new folder.

RefWorks automatically makes two folders for you when you sign up for an account, a Last Imported folder and a Not in Folder folder for citations not put in other folders. To move citations from folder to folder, simply drag and drop.

Citations can also be organized individually using the sort by dropdown menu. You can sort by author, date, title, source and many others!

Step 3: Using RefWorks Statistics

This helpful feature allows you to get a statistical snapshot of your citations. This is useful if you have built up hundreds of sources from many projects. To view statistics, select the Statistics tool from the Organize and Share Folders tab. 

Step 4: Making a Bibliography

Use the Quick Access box at the bottom of the RefWorks main page and select Create Bibliography. You will have to log in again before you can make a bibliography. Use the manage output styles tab to choose a citation style. Once you have chosen a style select create bibliography. The next time you have a big research paper try using RefWorks to organize your sources and avoid plagiarism!

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