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Contemporary Art: Art Fairs, Biennials, Festivals

Art Fairs

Image result for venice biennale 2015 all the world's"In the last 20 years, the rise of the art fair has gone hand in hand with the rise of the international biennial - two platforms that have substantially increased the visibility and reach of contemporary art and artists. Indeed, the biennial and the fair have much to do with our understanding of what makes art 'contemporary.’" Sotheby's. 2015. "Air Fairs Expertise." Sotheby's Institutute of Art. 

"The popularity of biennials and the forms they have evolved are also to be seen in the contexts of post-colonialism and multiculturalism, two dominant intellectual movements of the contemporary period. Viewed from this angle, the biennial took on a specific kind of internationalism that embraced a wide diversity of artists originating from all corners of the world."  Chin-tao Wu"Biennials and art fairs." Grove Art Online. Oxford Art OnlineOxford University Press, accessed September 9, 2015, 

Some catalogs from our collection (more to be found in CBBcat)

Some important art biennials

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