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CL 240: CL240

CBBcat Subject Searches

Identifying Scholarly Articles

Following is a list of some TYPICAL QUALITIES of a scholarly journal article:

  • Article includes a bibliography
  • There are in-text citations (e.g., parenthetical references, endnotes, or footnotes)
  • The author's affiliation or credentials are with a college or university, not, e.g., a media organization
  • The article is written for an audience of fellow scholars in the field, not for a general/popular audience
  • The article is substantial in length, not a brief note on a very specialized point


In writing your annotated bibliography, consult:

MLA citation style

Example of citation:

Duvall, John N. "The (Super) Marketplace of Images: Television as Unmediated Mediation in DeLillo's White Noise." Arizona Quarterly, vol. 50, no. 3, 2010, pp. 127 - 153. 

Tips for Research

 Ajax - Etrurian red-figured calyx-krater, ca. 400–350 BC. In the British Museum.


Use Brill's New Pauly or the Oxford Classical Dictionary to find mythological or general historical information, such as, When was the plague at Athens?

Use Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy to look up characters in plays, dates and plots, "hybris" and other special terms, meter, props, costumes, theaters, etc. 

To find articles full-text use JSTOR; use l'Annee Philologique to find citations (with summaries) to more sources. You can search for them through the OneSearch catalog, or in WorldCat for Interlibrary Loan.

**When searching JSTOR, use Search > Advanced Search, and limit Type to Article; also narrow the Discipline to Classical Studies. For best results, include in your search personal names of people and gods involved in your topic. Use the notes and lists of references at the end of articles to find more sources for your enquiry.

**When searching l'Annee Philologique, enter just two or three keywords in the search box. You want to cast a wider net here, because despite the "Full Text" label, l'Annee is searching only the title and abstract of the articles. In the list that emerges when you click Search, click on the hot-linked titles to get a full citation and very brief summary. Remember that l'Annee is not a full text database - you will need to look up the results in OneSearch to find whether Colby owns them.

A Few General Books

The Cambridge companion to Greek tragedy / P.E. Easterling - PA3131 .C29 1997

A companion to Greek tragedy / Justina Gregory  - PA3131 .C56 2005    

Oxford readings in Greek tragedy / Erich Segal - PA3133 .G68 1983

Greek drama and dramatists / Alan H. Sommerstein -  PA3131 .S6613 2002

A Genealogical Chart of Greek Mythology /  BL785 .N44 2003

Ask Your Librarian


Karen Gillum,

How to Find the

Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy (print)

First walk into Miller Library.

Go straight ahead toward the chapel.

Once you are in the Reading Room, turn left and go down to the end toward Lovejoy. 

Look on the shelves for PA call numbers and 3 volumes that look like this:                                         

Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy (electronic)

Sophocles in Performance

A short clip from a modern performance of the Ajax.

Sophocles in Greek

From a performance of the Antigone at the theater in Epidaurus.

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