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FR 355: Individual Research Suggestions


All:  Dictionnaire des Litteratures de Langue Francaise  REF  PQ41.B4 1994


Ami Hirano, s'intéresse à l'art de l'époque coloniale

Search the catalog and browse shelves for books from Bixler Art Library; search ARTstor and Joconde (the combined catalog for French museums) for images; search Oxford Art Online for general background information on the topic; look for contemporary reactions from across the Channel in the  Times Digital Archive. See also the page of this guide on Art.


Douglas Abrams: Les histoires orales transmises par les esclaves sur les plantations

Search WorldCat for books like Activating the Past, whose table of contents, listed in the record, gives a good number of leads.


Christina Cobb: La mulâtresse /le mulâtre dans la société coloniale

Applicable Library of Congress subject headings include: Racially mixed people - Race identity - Caribbean area; Racially mixed people - France - Colonies; France - Colonies - Ethnic relations; Racially mixed people - Haiti, etc. These can be used in both CBBcat and in WorldCat.  Gallica: search mulatr*  Caribe; mulatr* Antilles, etc. and refine by clicking on Date d'édition and choosing a period. Search for images in Bridgeman Education and ARTstor (refine by using the date bar at the top), using the search term, mulatto. 

Shane Gallagher: Le rôle du créole (le langage) et son développement pendant la colonisation française

 Explore the Global Recordings Network and in Gallica refine a search for, e.g., langue Creole with the format (left sidebar) enrigistrements sonores to find, for instance this; search Gallica for terms such as "contes créoles" and refine by the Date d'édition in the left sidebar. For secondary literature and more leads, in CBBcat, look under subjects, Creole dialects - Caribbean area and Creole dialects, French and Papiamentu - History. This (modern) book in CBB has parallel text in French and French Creole.

Sarah Neal: la tradition orale des marrons 

In CBBcat and WorldCat, look at subject headings such as Maroons and Maroons - West Indies, French for secondary literature. In Gallica, try combinations such as, "traditions orales" marrons,  to find books such as this (extraits seulement).


Natalie Goodman-Toussaint Louverture: comment cet ancien esclave est devenu chef de la Révolution haïtienne.

Search for Louverture as both subject and author in CBBcat and WorldCat. To find books for background and for bibliographies to mine, search the subject Haiti - History. Europeana gives access to images held in German and British libraries as well as works in Gallica. Be sure also to explore the Auteurs in Gallica (left sidebar).  The following article includes references to primary sources in its bibliography: "Unsilencing the Past: The Writings of Toussaint Louverture," by Philippe R. Girard. Slavery & Abolition v.34.4 (12/2013) p. 663-672.  Look for titles also in the  Archives nationales d'outremer.


Cleo Aukland-Joséphine, la belle Créole, et sa relation avec Bonaparte dans le cadre de l'autre empire français, l'empire colonial; Cleo pense écrire une pièce de théâtre

Search Gallica for her memoirs and letters. Use Colby books such as History of Paris in Painting to see architecture and costume of her time. Databases ARTstor and Bridgeman Education can provide more visual evidence on the way Paris looked and people dressed.



Yannik Buchi a décidé de travailler sur Léger-Félicité Sonthonax

Search this name as a subject (Sonthonax, Léger Félicité, 1763-1813) in CBBcat and in WorldCat and in Gallica/Bibliothèque nationale. Europeana gives access to largely the same documents, through a different search interface. Search also for Sonthonax as an author in WorldCat's Advanced Search . HathiTrust also has a few digital documents.


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