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FR 355: FR 355

l'Autre Empire Français


The pages of this guide are intended to give you an overview of the resources available through CBB.  The lists of titles are far from exhaustive!  I hope they will help you explore and find topics to investigate more deeply.

Online Resources

 Book Catalogs

CBBcat - for readily available books

WorldCat - search catalogs of libraries worldwide

Directions on signing up for ILL

Bibliothèque nationale de France



David, Portrait of Madame Recamier

l'Autre Empire Français

            l'Autre Empire Français

              Library Guide


Je serais heureuse de vous aider

dans vos recherches ~

Karen Gillum

librarian for Humanities



       La Liberté guidant le peuple, Eugène Delacroix, 1830                 The Slave Market, Jean Leon Gerome, 1871, Cincinnati Art Museum   
Course Syllabus

Le Contexte Historique

Trois Révolutions Principales

La Révolution francaise
La Révolution haïtienne [Click for an extensive list of resources of Haiti]


La Révolution Gaudeloupéene

File:Buste Louis Delgrès à Petit-Bourg.JPG

       Buste de Louis Delgrès à Petit-Bourg

The Slave Trade

Briard, The Slave Trade - 1840

Une Tradition Orale

 La Tradition Orale


Un Griot a l'Afrique                   

General Resources: Arts, Literature, Philosophie

General Resources: Art, Literature and Philosophy


In the Colonial Context:

Visualizing slavery: Art across the African diaspora, by Celeste-Marie Bernier and Hannah Durkin, 2015, N8243.S576 V57 2015

Colonial maps

Search for Maps in:

Africana: The Encyclopedua iof the African and African American Experience, edited by Kwame Appiah and Henry Gates Jr., 1999

  • "Concentrations of People of African Descent in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean," page 26
  • "African Kingdoms : 1,000 B.C.E. to 1,600 C.E.," page 92
  • "Desalinization of Africa," page 580
  • "Colonialism: the European Partition of Africa, 1902," page 1682
  • "Kingdoms of Africa, C. 1850," page 1744
  • "Togo," page 1850
  • "Transatlantic Slave Trade Routes," page 1866

Shepherd's Historical Atlas, by William Shepherd, 1973

  • "The Partition of Africa," pages 174 and 175

The Times Atlas of World History, edited by Geoffrey Barraclough, 1993

  • "Trade and Empire in Africa, 1500 to 1800,"  pages 162 and 163
  • "African Before Partition by the European Powers, 1800 to 1880," pages 234 and 235
  • "The Partition of Africa, 1880 to 1913," pages 236 and 237
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