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AR 120 Seeing and Writing: HOME

This guide will introduce basic sources used in art research to support focused writing assignments on encounters with the visual world.

From the Lunder Collection, Colby College Museum

Citations: Chicago Manual of Style

Image from an online image database:


If using the image wiithin a paper, image captions are created thus: Chicago Manual of Style


  • Fig. 1: Ansel Adams, Moon and Half Dome, 1960, printed 1978, gelatin silver print, 20 x 16 in., Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, ME. Artstor.


In a bibliography, cite a digital image thus: Chicago Manual of Style

  • Adams, Ansel.  Moon and Half Dome. 1960, printed 1978. Gelatin silver print, 20 x 16 in. Colby College Museum of Art. ARTstor.

Image from book:


  • Adams, Ansel. Moon and Half Dome. 1960, printed 1978. Gelatin silver print, 20 x 16 in. Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, ME. The Lunder Collection: A Gift of Art to Colby College, by Colby College Museum of Art. New York: Distributed Art Publishers, 2013, 326.

Let's Research: Ansel Adams' Moon and Half Dome

Adams, Ansel.  Moon and Half Dome. Colby College Museum of Art. Digital Image in Artstor.

1. ARTstor Digital Image Database.

  • Find ARTstor using the Library Databases A-Z List
  • Create an ARTstor account , log in, to enable you to download, save, and export images.
  • Find this image, using artist name or title.
  • What information accompanies the digital image that is useful to you--artist info, museum location, medium of artwork, when was it created ?
  • Where is this image taken? Compare it others to determine this.
  • How does this work relate to others he created that are in ARTstor.
  • Download this Artstor image and another, download as a Powerpoint, or email the link for you to find later.

2. Find books about Adams in relation to the image (i.e. nature, landscape, biographies, national parks) using CBBcat (again library home page)

3. Use ART tab on the ART AND MUSIC LIBRARY HOME PAGE, to find the AR 120 Guide

4.. Use the ENCYCLOPEDIAS TAB  on the AR 120 library guide to find:

  • Oxford/Grove Art Online and American National Biography. Both are extremely good.
  • Find the articles on Ansel Adams. Which one seems more complete? How are they different? One of the articles lists where the Adams archives is located (primary resource). Which encyclopedia is this?

5. Use the JOURNAL ARTICLES tab to find a journal databases (e.g. JSTOR, America History and Life, ARTSOURCE, or others).

  • Find an article about the artist and the work.
  • Are there other artists or photographers who are discussed in relation to Adams
  • Compare older articles and newer ones, do compare discourse.
  • Is the article peer reviewed?
  • How do you export your results?



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