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GO 318: Money and Politics: LEGAL & POLICY SOURCES

Campaign Legal Center

"Non-partisan organization site includes information on recent developments in the law, court cases, and Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA).  Inlcudes all of the materials on BCRA litigation, including briefs, witness statements, and court opinions, as well as documents for recent court cases and FEC regulatory decisions."(Corrado)

The Cato Institute

"This nonpartisan public policy research organizaiton offers research and policy analyses of campaign finance regulation viewed from the perspective of individual liberty and market-based solutions.  Extensive research and commentary is available on regulatory issues associated with campaign finance policy." (Corrado)

Center for Competitive Politics

"This non-partisan organization seeks to provide information on effects of money and the value of a more competitive political system.  Files legal birefs and other information, often from a perspective that argues from a FIrst Amendment perspective and supports less regulation of money in politics." (Corrado)

Brennan Center for Justice

"The Brennan Center for Justice, which is associated with New York Univeristy School of Law, advocates for campaign finance reform and offers regular reports or analyses of issues in campaign finance and proposals for reform." (Corrado) 

Rick Hasen's Election Law blog

"This widely followed site offers a daily compliation of news articles, reports, and commentary on developments or controversies in campaign finance.  Search the site's campaign finance section." (Corrado)


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