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GO 318: Money and Politics: DATA & ANALYSES

Federal Election Commission

"The FEC is the federal agency responsible for disclosure in federal elections.  This site contains summaries of financial activity in federal elelctions; candidate, party, and PAC disclosure reports; independent expenditures in electioneering communicaiton reports; and FEC press releases, reports, regulatory decisions, and legal summaries." (Corrado)


Center for Responsive Politics

"This nonpartisan organization tracks financial activity in federal elections.  It has searchable data bases that allow users to search discloure reports filed with the FEC and track donors to federal candidates and political committees.  Also includes Center-produced reports on the financing of elelctions and on the inlfuence of money on legislative activity.  Also includes searchable data bases on 527 organizaitons and lobbying expenditure reports."  (Corrado)


National Institute on Money in State Politics

"This nonpartisan organization is the best source available on campaign finance at the state and local level.  Includes searchable data bases for state disclosure reports and donors to state campaigns."  (Corrado)


Internal Revenue Service

"This websaite contains a searchable database for the disclosure reports and forms files by Section 527 organizations.  Please note that this database may not be accessiible due to recent IRS decision to limit access in light of investigations into nonprofit organizaitons.  When it will be fully accessible remains to be seen."  (Corrado) 


The Campaign Finance Institute

"This nonpartisan organization issues regular reports on fenderal campaign fiancne, including statistical studies, analyses of the law and its effects, and analyses of reform proposals.  This site also contains reports by CFI Task Forces, including reports on the public funding system."  (Corrado)


Center for Public Integrity

"This nonpartisan organizaiton does investigative reports on a range of issues, including the influence of money on politics."  (Corrado)


Public Citizen

"This nonpartisan organization includes campaign finance reform and studies on the influence of money in politics in its government reform program." (Corrado)


The Sunlight Foundation

"This nonprofit organization supports openness and transparency in government and has substantial amount of material on Super PACS and other developments in campaign finance with respect to disclosure and the influence of money." (Corrado)


Brookings/American Enterprise Institute Vital Statistics on Congress

"This reference work, previously issued in book form, is now available online.  It includes a variety of data tables on a wide range of topics relating to Congress.  Chapter 2 offers data on congresisonal elections.  Chapter 3 offers data on congressional campaign finance.  These chapters can be downloaded as a pdf or excel file." (Corrado)


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