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GO 111: Introduction to American Politics: WELCOME

This guide presents some of the important resources in support of GO111: Introduction to American Politics available via the Colby Libraries and on the Web.


  • Be curious and critically evalaute what you read, see and hear.

  • Know the presentor's biases whether s/he is a news correspondent, congressperson, lobbyist, academic.  Seek out multiple viewpoints.

  • Start your research early!  Starting well before deadline allows you to not only be more thorough, but gives yourself TIME to contemplate what you find.  Letting your work lie fallow for a day or two often provides fresh insights when you return to it.

  • Understand what Plagiarism is, and talk to your professor or librarian when you have questions!

  • Get to know your librarian and the Writer's Center staff.


W E L C O M E !

This guide was created specifically to assist students of GO111: Introduction to American Politics in locating background materials, books, journal articles and other primary documents and data  in support of their studies and assignments.   Many of the resources given here are made available through the Colby Libraries' purchases and subscriptions, and some are available freely on the Web.  

Online materials available to the Colby community through purchase or subscription must be accessed via the Colby Website.  Off-campus access is available as long as you have authenticated yourself as being a Colby student.  If you are using a feely available site for the Washington Post or another newspaper and wish to download an article, you may find yourself being asked for a credit card.  Do not pay!  The Colby Libraries provide 'free' access to the major papers and thousands of journals via the Library Catalog.  ASK for help if you cannot find what you need!

While the Colby Libraries offer an excellent collection of materials, you may find items at other schools.  It is easy to request materials from Bowdoin and Bates via CBBcat.  Additionally, the NExpress catalog gives access to collections at Middlebury, Wellesley and Williams, and MaineCat gives access to libraries within Maine, inlcuding the Univeristy of Maine system. 

Interlibrary Loan is another service available to Colby students.  Can't locate a journal article or book you found cited?  Request it via ILLiad on Interlibrary Loan (ILL). 





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