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Citation Software: Advanced Instructions

Software applications that help to organize your research. Collect citations, store PDFs, create bibliographies in selected formats, and more.

Groups & Sharing: Cost of Upgrades

Open public groups do not have any group membership limits.
Public invite-only groups are limited to three members, including the group owner, if the group owner has a free account.

The Team Plan for educational use is $49/month.  see  This is with 5 Group Collaborators. You can boost that up to more - 6 collaborators for $54/month. (Oct. 2013)

For individuals: Each Mendeley user on a free plan can have one group with up to three members

The “Plus” plan will increase the amount of personal storage you have, and will not affect the Groups you have.

If you want to have more (unlimited) groups, you will need to subscribe to a ‘Team’ plan (see above).

Alerts to Updates in Shared Folder

In Mendeley Desktop, if you go to the top left to ‘File’ —> ‘Watch Folder…’ you can select a folder from your machine. Any files that go into that folder will automatically be sent into Mendeley. Sub-folders will be watched as well. (Sept. 2012)

You can have more than one watched folder by setting them up in Tools >Options (Mendeley Desktop >Preferences in OS X) >Watched Folders. However, all documents will be imported into All Documents in your personal library, and would need to be moved into any group folders manually. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. (June 2012) 

Folders Within a Group

You can create folders inside groups by right clicking on a group and selecting 'New Folder'.

Laws & Regulations

Is it possible to add a new document type? For example, a law?

It is not currently possible to create new document types in the type selection box.
You can however use the type 'Generic' and then use the 'Type of Work' field to indicate the type of document. (Jan. 2012)

Plug-In for Word Documents

To install Mendeley MS Word plug-in:

Open Word.

In Mendeley Desktop, click ‘Tools’ —> ‘Install MS Word Plugin’

If you should get an error - uninstall, close Word, then open and install again. (Sept. 2012)

Find Citation Style

You want to set your citation style to be like that found in Conservation Biology.

 In Mendeley Desktop, go to 'View' --> 'Citation Style' --> 'More Styles...' and then go into the 'Get More Styles' tab.
Type in the style that you are looking for.

Citing Multiple Corporate Authors/Agencies

When manually adding an entry, start typying in the agency name. Below the entry a phrase appears  "institution/Organization". Click that so Mendeley does not treat the organization as a personal name. (You might have to input it a second time to see this phrase).

From the CSE Style Manual:

When a work has a corporate author, begin with the authoring organization, followed by the article title, journal title, and all other publication information.

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Clinical trial registration: a statement from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. JAMA. 2004;292(11):1363-1364.

In the name-year system, a familiar abbreviation for an organization is given in brackets at the beginning of the entry: [NCI] National Cancer Institute. 2004. The abbreviation is used in the in-text citation: (NCI 2004).

[N.B. I did not find any example given for listing multiple organizations as authors. I would recommend using just the first agency as the author. If others were listed as co-producers of the report, add them in your notes field. Make sure to list the publisher, even if it is the same agency.]

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