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Citation Software: Sharing

Software applications that help to organize your research. Collect citations, store PDFs, create bibliographies in selected formats, and more.


Groups provide a way to share your information.

Public Groups
Open groups - Anyone can participate to share references and comments. 
Invite-only groups - Viewable by anyone, but only those invited can add references.
Private Groups
Participants can share both references and their document files. PDFs can be jointly annotated.

Creating Groups

In Mendeley Desktop, click on Create Group in the left pane.

On Mendeley Web, click on the Groups tab and then on the green button that says Create New Group.

Finding Existing Groups

On Mendeley Web, you can either use the main search box, with the drop down indicator reading Search groups.
Or you can use the search box under the Groups tab.

You can also browse groups under the Groups tab.


Papers: Mendeley's Research Catalog

Mendeley's network includes the sharing of documents in a crowd sourced online catalog consisting of millions of papers.

Find it on Mendeley Web under the Papers tab. You can search topics by keyword, and there's an advanced search to limit your search by field, document type, date range, or discipline.

References can be downloaded to your Mendeley library. You can refine your search results to Open Access documents. You can also click to see related results.

If and when you get something published, you can add your own papers to the database.  This could help get your work noticed in the academic community. Select what you want added from your Mendeley library on Mendeley Desktop and then drag into the My Publications folder. Mendeley provides statistics of the community's interest in your work.

Adding Contacts

You can build a network of colleagues or collaborators or scholars in your field on Mendeley. You can use the search box on Mendeley Web, peruse Mendeley profiles, and ask individuals if you can add them to your contacts.

You can also invite non-users to join Mendeley.

On Mendeley Web, click Invite Colleagues in the upper right hand corner.
On Mendeley Desktop, click the small people symbol in the bottom left corner, then Add Contacts.
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