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Popular Music: CBBcat Searching

Current Music and Topics

Some pop musicians may be too recent or too indie to easily find reliable information. Be prepared to dig to find sources beyond Wikipedia. News and open web content may major sources of information. Use the Search Tips and  Evaluation of sources guides for additional help.

Names of musicians or bands

Put names of musicians, groups or song titles in quotes. Musicians with one word names like "Feist," "Common," etc., will be hard to find unless you add more information, like a song or album title, or another term associated with music.

CBBcat Libraries Catalog (Books, Ebooks, CDs, Videos)

Search the CBB Collections:


Advanced Search

Sample Keyword Searches

Truncation: when using keywords, use the root form of the word with an asterisk at the end. This retrieves material with the term and spelling variations.

  • music*
  • singer*
  • fem*
  • women*
  • masculin*
  • pop*, popular
  • rock
  • style*
  • politic*
  • identi*
  • soci* (e.g. social or society)

Combine keywords using boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, to  hone your search.

Book Subjects

Location of Print Materials on Singers and Pop Music

Here are some general call number areas in the stacks where you can find books on singers and popular music. 

  • Generally, biographical studies start in the ML385-420 section.
  • Generally, popular music studies can be found in the ML3470 area

HOWEVER, ebooks are found only through our online catalog, and articles are found through article databases or ONE SEARCH.

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