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Ethnomusicology: Citing Sources

Use these resources to get a jump start on your research in ethnomusicology and world music.

Special Examples

Use the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed.  for your bibliography, using the Author-Date method of citing within your paper and listing references in your bibliography.  (see links to the left)

Chapter 15:53 of the Chicago Manual of Style has specific recommendations for Audio/Visual material.

"Chicago recommends a more comprehensive approach to dating audiovisual materials than in previous editions of the manual (see 14.274, 14.276). Though citations in the author-date system have therefore become somewhat easier to format, it is often more appropriate to list such materials in running text and group them in a separate section or discography; see 14.275. Older sources are more likely to have been consulted in the form of a digital copy; though authors should cite the format consulted, it is generally useful to give information about the original source, if available. Moreover, the date of the original recording should be privileged in the citation." 

Encyclopedia article, from Grove Music Online, Oxford Music Online.

Béhague, Gerard and Max Peter Baumann. 2011. "Bolivia." In Grove Music Online, ed. Deane Root. Oxford Music Online. Accessed October 25, 2015.

YouTube video.

Los Kjarkas. 2009. Por un mundo Nuevo (HD) CONCIERTO HISTORICO. YouTube video, 4:05. Posted by RonconBolivia. Accessed October 25, 2015.

Music Selection from a Streaming Service

Los Bolivares. 2015. “La Vertiente. On Bolivian folklore music. Culture Music. Streaming audio. Accessed October 23, 2015.

Full album from a Streaming Service

Folklore De Bolivia. 2009. ARC Music Productions. Streaming Audio. Accessed October 26, 2015.

Music CD

Caszasola, Matilde. 1997. “Mi corazón en la ciudad.” Performed by Emma Junara. On The best of Latin America: change the rules. World Music Network. RGNET 1013. Compact Disc


Los Kjarkas. 2005. “Esperanzas.” On Los Kjarkas. Magenta Discos.Accessed October 25, 2015. ITunes MP3.

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