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Service Desk Manual: Public Services Staff: Names and pronouns

Public Services - Library Supervisors for Desk and Stacks Student Workers


     Robin Duperry - She/Her           April Paul- She/Her        Lauren Rettig - She/They       John Shamochian - He/They       Jacob Sutherland - He/Him

Public Services - Assistant Director


Max Bowman - They/Them

Public Services - Library Supervisors for Resource Sharing


Emma Bailey - She/He/They                    Gabe Stowe -  He/Him

Public Services - Library Logistics

David Benn - He/Him

Our Department

Welcome to Colby College Libraries! As a desk or stacks student worker, you work in the Public Services Department. What does that even mean? This department is part of 5 departments that make up Colby College Libraries. We are responsible for serving the public. All of our work is to make the out facing experience for our patrons clear, efficient, kind, and helpful. This is the type of work where it is imperative that you are present and available. This work makes it possible for the libraries to operate. The 5 departments that make up Colby College Libraries include: Public Services, Special Collections & Archives, Collection Management, Administration, and Digital Initiatives. 

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