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Service Desk Manual: Hold Shelf

What is a hold?

The hold shelf is the repository for items that are requested from Colby, Bates, Bowdoin, MaineCat, and InterLibrary Loan. Items are held for one week; if unclaimed, they are returned to the lender or to the Colby shelves. Items can be requested by students, staff, and faculty.

Note: We do not deliver books to faculty mailboxes. People can pick up their items at Miller Library or request to pick them up at Olin or Bixler Libraries by contacting their Liaison Librarian.


All holds are shelved in order by the patrons last name.

Miller Library: Behind the swinging doors, shelved on the book shelves to the left.

Bixler Library: Directly behind the service desk

Olin Library: Directly behind the service desk

Not on the shelf?

If a patron asks for an item from the hold shelf and it is not there, please consider the following:

1) Scan their ID and click the "holds" tab on the left where you can see the status of the hold. "Ready for pick-up" means it is on the shelf, "in transit means" it is on it's way and "available" means it is still on the shelf in the stacks or located on the reserves shelf.

2) The item may not be on the hold shelf because it's really a reserve item. Library user does not know the terminology. It is up to us to inquire further until to understand exactly what someone is looking for and where it might be.

3) Status marked as "Ready for pick up" and item is not there? The item may be in another library, call the other libraries to see if it is on their hold shelves. Dial these numbers on the phone at the desk to reach the libraries: Bixler: 5660, Miller: 5100. Olin: 5790

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