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Service Desk Manual: Sierra: Check-out

General Information



There is no limit to the number of items a Colby faculty member or student may check out.


  • Within the Sierra application, click on the Circulation Desk tool bar on the left side of the screen
  • Key or Scan Patron Barcode (found on the back of the ID card).

An ID is required for checkout. Scan it or type in the numbers. Make sure the record displayed matches the person in front of you. If the patron’s barcode doesn’t work do a manual checkout so it can be placed into his/her record.


  • Scan the item barcode (it can be on different parts of the item).
  • For multiple check outs, keep scanning items. READ ANY POP-UP MESSAGES AND FOLLOW PROMPTS!
  • The due date will appear on the line of the item.
  • If this is a reserve item – tell the patron what time it is due back.
  • If it is a regular item - tell the patron what day it is due back.
  • <CLOSE> in upper right corner
  • Desensitize books and DVDs only. DO NOT DESENSITIZE VHS tapes,  Audio tapes, or microfilm!


Manual Check-Outs

If the system is down or the patron's barcode cannot be recognized, then you must check out the item manually. (Find out where the check-out forms are in your library!) The steps are as follows:

  • Record the patron's barcode (on the back of the ID) and name.
  • Record the item's barcode and call number.
  • Note that the item is being checked out and initial it.
  • Do this for every item the patron is checking out.
  • Leave this form where instructed in each library branch.
  • Manual check-outs are for those with Colby IDs only, not for visiting patrons!

Reserves and Videos


Scan the item barcode. Note the due date/time and inform the patron of the exact time it is due. It might be 2, 4, or 24 hours.  


Some visual material will have accompanying guides that you will be prompted for when you complete the checkout.  Do not desensitize VHS tapes.  


(Branch Libraries) Some books have accompanying discs that we keep behind the desk for better security. Like the videos, when you check out the book, a pop-up message will tell you to check out the disc separately. If the patron wants the disc, then you can find it on the shelves above the laptops, under the same call number as the book. Go look at those shelves now.

Books and Periodicals


After you scan the barcode, make sure the title displayed matches the book you are checking out.


Desensitize and return book(s) and ID to patron. Tell the patron the due date of the item.


All CBB/MaineCat (blue, purple, yellow, or white band or labels on the front of the book) are checked out in the Sierra system; ILLiad books (green band) are not.



Bound periodicals are checked out the same as books. Unbound issues often must be checked out On-the-Fly, meaning you must create a temporary (on-the-fly) record at the time of checkout.


For these items, apply a barcode to the top of the inside back cover. Wand in the barcode when prompted. Proceed with the ON-THE-FLY checkout as detailed in instructions for On the Fly.


 Desensitize and return items and ID, telling the patron the due date.

Lost IDs

Refer students to the Card Office located in the Business Office to get a new ID printed (x4130).

If a student wants to check out library materials, but does not have a valid ID, they may get a temporary ID from Security. The student must present a picture ID with their temporary ID. These checkouts can only be performed by library staff.


Students, faculty, and staff can check out keys to areas of the library. You can find these in the drawers for each specific location (ask your supervisor where they are kept). Some keys are equipped with bar codes and can be checked out; if the key does not have a barcode, don't hand it over! Go with the person requesting that a door be opened. The keys are on 4-Hour loan.

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