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Service Desk Manual: Sierra: Check-in

Double Checking in Items

All items returned to the Libraries must be checked in twice. This is the ensure that there are no missed items.

Each shelving cart has a sign with a check box to indicate if the cart has been "double checked". The cart must have all items double checked before the items can be shelved.

General Information

Remember: Never put a book or periodical on a book cart or a shelf until the item has been checked in. We have no visual way of telling if a book is checked in. If there is any question, check it in anyway.

  • Select CHECK-IN from the drop-down menu in the upper right of the screen
  • Key or scan item barcode
  • The system will either:
    • check the item in and display any special messages, or

    • indicate that the item was not checked out

  • Resensitize books and DVDs

  • If placing items on a TBS cart, put them in call number order!

It is essential that any item you find around the circulation/reserve area - on the counter or in the bookdrop be scanned for check-in before it is put on a cart and reshelved. It only takes a moment and prevents us from reshelving an item that is still checked out to someone.


Make sure to identify if the item belongs in the the Science Library, Art/Music, or Miller Library, Colby Storage and sort accordingly.


Every item that has a RESERVE STICKER should be placed on the reserve shelf behind the circulation desk. There are several other stickers that place items in different locations as well such as Popular, New Book, etc. If an item has no sticker, TBS it as usual.


Books that need repair should be pulled and sent to Miller for repairs as soon as a problem starts to develop. It is cheaper and easier to repair a book before the problem gets too severe. Things to watch out for include:

                        a. pages falling out

                        b. call number illegible or label torn

                        c. spine torn, falling off, or badly worn

Set aside for your Library Coordinator, with a note. If a paperback is very flimsy and needs reinforcing, then set that aside as well. Finally, pull out any scraps of paper, post-its, or paper clips the patron left in the book as a page marker.  This highly acidic material increases the rate of decay of the paper and causes the book to deteriorate more rapidly.


Pop Ups

Troubleshooting messages might pop up. These are just a few examples:


Item is overdue: The system will create a fine notice; you don't need to do anything. However, if you think there should not be a fine (i.e. the book was found in the stacks), give the book to the supervisor with a note explaining the case.


Put on hold shelf for …: Print out the notice with the patron's name and put the book on the hold shelf.


Transit Slips: When prompted, do not print a transit slip for items that do not belong to Colby.

A part of the item is missing:

Make sure to count the items for which you are prompted (example: when asked to check for 2 DVDs, make sure there are 2 DVDs in the case). If the parts are not accounted for on check-in, respond "No" to checking it in and follow the instructions below to notify the current patron of the missing part. If found at check-out, you may check it out to the patron, but make a note of the barcode and call number and whatever is missing so the Library Coordinator can put a note in the record for follow up upon its return.


Ascertaining the name of a patron who has an item checked out:
Upon scanning an item for check in, you discover a part is missing, be it a DVD, map or vocal selection, DO NOT CHECK IN THE ITEM. Follow the prompts until you are out of the check in function without checking it in. However, you can possibly save the patron from fines being levied by letting them know right away that a part is missing and as soon as they return it, it will be checked in.
How to acquire the name of the current patron of a checked out item:
Scan the barcode of the item into the "Search/Holds" function
If there is more than one item record on the screen, double click on the record that corresponds to the barcode of the item in your hand, it is probably highlighted in gray, ready for you to select
On the lower left of the Sierra screen will be “Patron no.”, double click on that number
The patron information will appear on the screen and you now have a name to which you can send an email. You may want to include some words in your email like, “If you have any questions do not reply to this email.” Give them the information to contact your Library Coordinator.     

This is not a valid indexThe system doesn't recognize this as an item barcode. Try scanning it again and if it fails again then try what is written below.


IF THE ITEM DOES NOT BELONG TO COLBY  type "b" and then scan the bar code (example: items from Middlebury or MMA), or try typing in the number. If all that fails, then follow the rest of the procedure to send it back to ILL in Miller.


Most other messages ask if you want to check in (yes or no).

YES—we should always check the item in, no matter the situation, except where noted above.




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