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Images of Empire: ANALYSIS


Consider color, line, space, shape, texture, focal point, and thematic relationships.

  • What elements denote “alterity” in a written text?
  • What elements denote “alterity” in a visual text?
  • How does this change over time?
  • How does this change from place to place?
  • How does this change in relation to the political and ideological forces at play?


Consider your intellectual and emotional reactions, original audience reaction, creator’s intention.

  • What story is being told by the image?
  • Who benefits from the perpetuation of that story and how?
  • Who suffers for the perpetuation of that story and how?
  • Can you discern an evolution of narrative across images?
  • How has that narrative informed contemporary perception and reality?


Consider history, geography, and your course texts.

  • 17th century: How do ideals of conquest and discovery impact perception of alterity?
  • 18th century: How does global trade impact perception of alterity?
  • 19th century: How do capitalism, consumer culture, and the ideal of leisure impact perceptions of alterity?
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