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Toni Morrison wrote to us again and again, exhorting our beauty, making us grapple with our pain, reaffirming our humanity. Her every word a caress, her every sentence an embrace, her every paragraph, a cupping of her hands around our faces that said: I know you, I see you, we are together. -- Jesmyn Ward, Novelist
I don’t know if we would have the vocabulary for contemplating the impact of slavery upon contemporary selfhood and nationhood, let alone for speaking publicly about it, were it not for the work of Toni Morrison. -- Tracy K. Smith, 22nd Poet Laureate of the United States
She was fearless. She said you could be black and great. And she never stopped saying that. --Bryan Stevenson, Lawyer, Advocate, Founder and Director of the Equal Justice Initiative
Technically, she is magnificent, her emotional intelligence is second to none and her bravery – she didn’t care what people thought, be that the reader or not, she just told the truth as she saw it – was equal to her artistry. --Kwame Kwei-Armah, Actor, Playwright, Director
What drew me to her novels wasn’t just the depth of characters or the freshness of her language, but her unrelenting commitment to excavating the past, and interrogating it.  -- Laila Lalami, Novelist, Essayist


Toni Morrison 2008 by Angela Radulescu, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Chloe Anthony Wofford
Chloe Anthony Morrison
Cloe Anthony Wofford Morrison

Dates: 1931- 2019

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African-American

Literary Periods: 

American Confessional Period, 1960-
Postwar Period, 1945-1999
Twentieth Century, 1900-1999
Twenty-First Century, 2000-

Literary Movements: 

Feminist Writers, 1900-
Postmodernism 1963-

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Toni Morrison delivered her Nobel Lecture on 7 December 1993.


Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison speaks with Alan Yentob.

Angela Davis and Toni Morrison live from NYPL

Toni Morrison's Graffiti & Murals, taken by Zarateman, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons


 The Toni Morrison Encyclopedia  Miller Library PS3563 .O8749 Z913 2003  [BOOK]

 "Toni Morrison" by Cedric Gael Bryant  [ARTICLE]

Scribner Writers Series

Critical essay and biography on the life and works of Tony Morrison.

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  In Black and White: Conversations with African American Writers  [DVD]
Miller Library DVD PS153 .N5 I5 2008

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