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Sociology: Encyclopedias (Online & Print)



  • Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology
    The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology brings together entries written and edited by an international team of scholars and teachers. Over 1800 entries ranging from short definitions of terms to extended explorations of major topics. Includes a timeline and introductions to sociological theories and research that have developed outside of the United States and Western Europe.
  • REF H 41 .I58 2001
    Smelser, Neil J. and Paul B. Baltes, eds. International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 26 vols.
    New York: Elsevier, 2001.
    One of the best known, most thorough encyclopedias of the social sciences. An excellent starting point for most research.  Also available online.



  • REF HM 17 .C66 1998b
    Marshall, Gordon, ed. A Dictionary of Sociology. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998
    Use this for quick definitions of terms.
  • REF HM 425 .E5 2000
    Borgatta, Edgar F., ed. Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd ed., 5 vols. New York: Macmillan, 2000
    Lengthy articles with useful bibliographies.
  • REF HM H62 .S34 2004
    Lewis-Beck, Micheal and Alan Bryman and Tim Futing Liao, ed. Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods, 3 vols. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2004
    Definitions of research terms with articles to explain history, use, implications, and more.
  • REF HM 251 .B476 1995
    Manstead, Antony S.R. and Miles Hewstone, eds. Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Psychology. Cambridge, MA: Blackwell, 1995
    The fields of psychology and sociology often intersect; this set is a useful illustration of that.
  • REF HQ 1061 .E53 2001
    Maddox, George L., ed. The Encyclopedia of Aging, 3rd ed.New York: Springer Publishing Co., 2001
    Data as well as discussions of issues pertaining to aging from many disciplines.
  • REF HQ 9 .E52 2003
    Ponzetti, James J., ed. International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family. New York: Macmillan, 2003
    Love, sex, co-habitation, partnership, marriage, and family, nationally and internationally.
  • REF HQ 1115 .R69 2000
    Kramarae, Cheris and Dale Spencher, eds. Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women. New York: Routledge, 2000.
    The best starting place for research on women; particularly useful for its international focus.

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