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African-American Studies: Search terminology / CBBcat

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Subject Headings Used in the Catalog

  • African American - Used as an adjective to describe a portion of a group of people or things. e.g. African American actors, African American college students.
  • African Americans - Used as subject for works about U.S. citizens of African descent. e.g. African Americans - Civil Rights, African Americans - Religion, African Americans - Biography
  • African Americans In - Used to mean "as portrayed in", or in a profession. e.g. African Americans in motion pictures or African Americans in the motion picture industry.
  • Blacks - Used for works about Blacks as an element in the population of a country. It usually has a geographic subdivision. e.g. Blacks Great Britain Social Conditions or Jamaica Blacks Fiction.
  • Race - is used in the sociological or ethnographic sense. It has narrower "see also" references for Black Race, Caucasian Race, Race Relations, etc.
  • Slavery - A term which often has geographic subdivisions and narrower "see also" references. e.g. Slave Trade, Slave holders, Slavery United States.
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