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Religious Studies: Sacred Texts (Online & Print)

Sacred Texts

Tanakh BS 895 .J4 1988;
Torah, Neviim, Kethuvim BM 497.5 .E5 N48 1988;
The Mishnah REF BM 505 .A3 D3 1938

Bible Gateway
Various translations of Christian Bibles may be found in Reference and on the stacks in the call number range BS 185 to BS 195.

The Koran
The Qur'an REF BP 110 .I78 1985; also look in the stacks under BP 109.

Selected Writings (Sikhism)
The Chaupa Singh Rahit-nama BL 2017.42 .M32 1987

Electronic Resources for the Study of Buddhist Texts
Buddhist Mahayana Texts BL 1410 .B87 1965 v. 49; Buddhist Scriptures BL 1410 .C58

Sanskrit Documents (Hinduism)
Bhagavad-Gita BL 1138.62 .E5 1986b;
Upanishads may be found in the call number range BL 1150.

English Translations of the Tao Teh Ching (Taoism)
Tao te Ching BL 1900 .L26

Sacred Texts: Wicca and Neo-Paganism

Avesta-Zoroastrian Archives
The Zend-Avesta may be found in the call number range BL 1515.

The Baha'I Reference Library
Baha'i scriptures may be found in the call number range BP 360.

Your Librarian

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Karen Gillum
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