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History: HI 297A Into the Archive

Colby Library Guides: Latin American Studies

Includes primary source material from these archives and collections.

  • Sabin Americana (1500-1926)
  • Salalm
  • Center for Research Libraries
  • Princeton University Libraries Latin American Microfilm Collection
  • Princeton University Digital Archive
  • Digital National Security Archive (DNSA)
  • Hathi Trust
  • Historical newspapers and magazines
  • and other regional collections

LANIC: Archives & Digitized Collections in the U.S. & Latin America

Primary & Secondary Sources

Primary Sources - Documents & artifacts created at or near the time of an event. The memories and recollections of people who experienced or witnessed the event are also primary sources. Examples include:

  • Diaries/Journals
  • Letters/Correspondence
  • Interviews/Oral histories
  • Witness/Eyewitness accounts
  • Personal narratives
  • Official records (government documents, business records, organizational reports, etc.)
  • Newspaper or magazine articles written at the time

Secondary Sources - Writings after the fact by people who did not experience the event. This includes the scholarly analysis found in journal articles.

Research & Instruction Librarian - Global & Latin American Studies

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