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History: HI 120 The Holocaust and Genocide in Europe

Find Scholarly Articles

Articles in scholarly journals are part of a scholarly conversation.

Scholarly journals...

  • report original research in a specific discipline
  • use in-text citations and bibliographies
  • typically contain peer-reviewed articles

In databases, look for: 

Reference, Overviews & Background Information

Miller Library's Reading Room (go straight after entering the library) contains many useful reference volumes, including historical dictionaries and encyclopedias on Judaism, World War II, the Third Reich, and Russian & Soviet history. Check under the letter "D" (look at tags on the books' bindings) for history-focused items, but related material may be in other sections of the room.


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The Holocaust and Genocide in Europe

Photo: Wolfgang Staudt: Holocaust-Denkmal (Flickr Creative Commons)

Primary Sources: Historical Newspapers & Magazines

Primary & Secondary Sources

Primary Sources - Documents & artifacts created at or near the time of an event. The memories and recollections of people who experienced or witnessed the event are also primary sources. Examples include:

  • Diaries/Journals
  • Letters/Correspondence
  • Interviews/Oral histories
  • Witness/Eyewitness accounts
  • Personal narratives
  • Official records
  • Newspaper or magazine articles written at the time

Secondary Sources - Writings after the fact by people who did not experience the event. This includes the scholarly analysis found in journal articles.

Writing & Citation Help

Citation managers help you organize your research, collect citations & automatically create bibliographies. Our Citation Software guide can help you decide which to use.


Library Video Tutorials

For more information about library resources, check out our Video Tutorial Guide:

Find Books

SEARCH our library catalog for books and media.

First drop down: Search by Keyword, Title, Author (last name first) or Subject.

Second drop down: Search the entire CBB Collection or limit by item type or location.

To order items from Colby Storage, Bates or Bowdoin, click on:

Start with a keyword search and look for subject headings in item records. Try both for best results.

Good Research Takes Time

Keep a research log

Experiment with search terms

Check multiple resources

Carefully evaluate all materials

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