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Colbiana: OVERVIEW


The Alfred King Chapman Room serves as the depository for the Colby College Archives ("Colbiana Collection"). The historical records of the College from 1813 to the present are kept here. This archive includes administrative and curricular policy documents, information on student life and customs and Senior Scholar/Honors theses. There are complete runs of the Board of Trustees minutes, the Colby Echo (student newspaper),  the Alumnus/Colby magazine (alumni publication) and the Oracle (student yearbook).

Some of our more interesting collections relate to:
The college's first president Jeremiah Chaplin and his wife Marcia O'Brien
Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Colby 1826
Three Colby men who had distinguished military service during the Civil War, Benjamin F. Butler, Colby 1838, and Richard Cutts Shannon, Colby 1862, and Henry Clay Merriam, Colby 1864
The first two women graduates, Mary Low Carver, Colby 1875, and Louise Helen Coburn, Colby 1877.

We also have:
An extensive collection of files documenting the lives of alumni/ae, administrators, faculty, staff and honorary degree recipients
An extensive collection of photographs, many of which are available online via the Imago image database.



Task Force Report on the Status of Women and Issues of Gender

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