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COLLECTION OVERVIEWS: List of Vernon Lee Correspondents


Magazine editors. A.L.S. (1), L.S. (3). Various places. 1902-1908. 5p. Letters to Violet Paget by magazine editors of House & Garden, Country Life, Albany Review, North American Review.


Unidentified correspondents. A.L.S. (11), L.S. (1), A.C.S. (2).Various places. 1906-1924. 44p.


Anstruther-Thomson, Clementina. L (41). Florence, Venice, Rome, Athens, Surrey. 1902-1908. 116p.


Anstruther-Thomson, Clementina. A.L.S. (79). England, Italy. Undated. 1894-1908. Interleaved in letters home between nos. 746 and 938. See Letters Home.


Anstruther-Thomson, Clementina. A.L.S. (1), written as an imaginary letter from Carlo Placci to Violet Paget. 1913. 31p.


Baring, Maurice. L (32). Florence (Italy) and various other places. 1902-1934. 72p.


Baring, Maurice; Praz, Mario. “Vernon Lee, 1856-1935”. In Pan-Anno III, Numero 4, April 1, 1935 XIII. 1 partial reel 2cm microfilm.


Benn, Alfred W. A.L. (1), not exact copy. Florence. 1897. 8p. See Letters Home #806.


Berenson, Bernhard. A.L.S. (1), copy. Florence. 1897. 12p. See Letters Home #804.


Berenson, Mary Logan Costelloe. A.L.S. (5). Florence, no place. 1897-1924. 91p. See Letters Home #807, 808, 809, 810, etc.


Braun, Lily. A.L. (1), fragment copy. No place. 1916?. 4p.


Brooke, Ranee of Sarawak. A.L.S. (1). Florence, Italy. Undated. 4p. See Letters Home #915.


Bulteau, Augustine. A.L.S. (2), copies. No place. 1903-1914. 23p.


Callander, Alice. A.L. (1), copy. Florence. 1903. 12p. See Letters Home #861.


Chittenden, Miss. A.L.S. (1). No place. Undated. 6p.


Desjardins, Paul. A.L.S. (1). Florence. 1911. 2p.; A.N.S. by Daniel Halevy appended to letter of 1912, accompanied by paget note on Halevy. 4p.


Duffy, Bella. A.L.S. (2). No place. 1888-1926. 10p. See Letters Home #430, 914.


Forbes-Mosse, Irene. A.L.S. (9). Baden-Baden, Munich, Rome. 1907-1911. 140p. See Letters Home.


French, Elena. A.L.S. (3), copies. No place. 1908. 18p. See Letters Home.


Fry, Roger. A.L.S. (1), not exact copy. Florence. 1933. 7p. See Letters Home #916.


Giuliani, Mrs. A.L.S. (1), copy. Florence, Italy. Undated. 8p.


Granville-Barker (McCarthy), Lillah. A.L. (1), copy. Florence. 1900. 7p. See Letters Home.


Harrison, Austin. A.L.S. (1), copy. Florence. 1911. 4p. See Letters Home.


Head, [Christian] H. A.L.S. (2), one is a copy. No place. 1899. 12p. See Letters Home.


Jenkin, Henrieta. A.L.S. (32). Various places. 1971-1878. 203p. See Letters Home.


Jewett, Sarah Orne. A.L.S. (1). Florence. 1907. 9p. See Letters Home #884.


Landowski, Lily. A.L.S. (1). Boulogne. 1922. 9p. Incomplete.


Lee-Hamilton, Annie. A.L.S. (2), one marked “exact copy”. No place. 1902-1907. 7p. See Letters Home.


Lee-Hamilton, Eugene. A.L.S. (37). A.C.S. (1). Rome, Florence, Oxford. 1866-1902. 276p. (Not to be read except privately until 1980). See Letters Home.


Lowndes, Marie Belloc. A.L.S. (4). Florence, Italy; Battersea Park, England. 1895. 13p. See Letters Home.


McCarthy, Desmond. A.L.S. (7). Florence, Chelsea, no place. 2/16/1912-10/26/1933. Accompanied by one A.L.S. to Lee from E.B. [Cutting]. North American Review. 1/31/1918. 41p. (photocopies of originals).


McComb, Arthur Kilgore. A.L.S. (2). Florence, Italy. Undated. 5p.


The Manchester Guardian Editor. A.L.S. (1). Florence, Italy. Undated. 4p.


Metcalfe, Eleanor. A.L.S. (1), copy. No place. 1908. 3p. See Letters Home.


Moring, Alexander. A.L.S. (2), copy. Florence, Italy. 1906. Accompanied by: Draught of an Agreement (1) regarding various publications, in Violet Paget’s hand. See Letters Home.


The Nation Editor. A.L.S. (2). Florence, Italy. 1921. 24p. Accompanied by: copy of 1 reply.


Paget, Henry. A.L.S. (15), A.C.S. (1). Paris, Rome, Bologna, London. 1870-1893. 77p. (Not to be read except privately until 1980). See Letters Home.


Matilda (Adams). A.L.S. (312), A.C.S. (386). Various places. 1881-1895. 2,596p. in 6 folders. See Letters Home.


Placci, Carlo. A.L.S. (2), copies. No place. 1908-1913. 18p. See Letters Home.


Prothero, George. A.L.S. (3), copies. No place. 1914. 18p. Accompanied by one letter by Prothero to Miss Paget.


Richards, Grant. A.L.S. (1), copy. Florence, Italy. 1906. 9p. See Letters Home.



Shaw, Bernard. A.L. (1). No place. 1920. 5p. See Letters Home.


Shields, Mrs. Frederic James. (Matilda Booth). A.L.S. (1). Florence, Italy. 1911. 4p.


Spalletti, Gabriela. A.L.S. (1). 1904. 10p. Accompanied by letter from Countess Spalletti.


Taylor, Mona. A.L.S. (9). Florence, Rome. 1899-1900. 114p. See Letters Home.


Turner, Cornelia. A.L.S. (1). No place. 1873. 6p. See Letters Home.


Unidentified correspondent. A.L.S. (1). Florence, Italy, Undated. 8p.


Unidentified correspondent. A.N. (1). Undated. Regarding Violet Sargent. On verso of watercolor portrait of Violet Sargent, probably by her brother John Singer Sargent. 1p.


Union of Democratic Control. A.L.S. (1). London. 1915. 14p. See Letters Home.


Various correspondents. A.L.S. (4), copies. 1909. 20p. Accompanied by: 4 replies. Concerning the Deforestation of Tuscany.


Wells, Herbert George. A.L.S. (3), copies. Florence. 1909-1910. 18p. See Letters Home.


Willis, Irene Cooper. A.L.S. (30), Tel. (1). Pulboro, Adel Grange, Leeds, Kensington W. Undated. 198p. Accompanied by: letter by E. Cunningham to Irene Cooper Willis, and reply.


Willis, Irene Cooper. A.N.S. (1). No place. 1914. 1p. (IN: Louis Norbet, a two-fold romance, by Vernon Lee (pseud.). London and New York, John Lane. 1914. Copy 3).


Wimbush, Evelyn. A.L.S. (2), copies. No place. 1901-1902. 21p. See Letters Home.

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