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ARCHIVE: About the Libraries: Off-Campus Access

Using Library Resources From Off Campus

IMPORTANT! You must link to resources through Colby's Web pages or the library catalog for full access. 

Links or bookmarks that are not on Colby's Web pages may not be formatted properly.  Because of this, the Web site you're trying to access will not recognize you as a Colby student, staff or faculty and your access may be restricted.

Many of the resources we provide to the Colby community are for Colby users only. To access these resources from off campus, you will be asked to provide your Colby username (as in your Colby email address) and password.

When you follow a link to a restricted resource, you should see a screen as below:

If you see a different screen asking for a username/password, there is a problem with our access to the resource. Please contact Mike McGuire or telephone at 859-5161 to resolve the issue.

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