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Films & Videos at Colby: Use in Presentations

Extracting Film Stills from DVDs

To easily extract still images from films on DVD, download and install the free VLC media viewer:


  1. Insert DVD
  2. Open VLC
  3. File>Open Disc> [select DVD]
  4. Navigate to the desired frame (with video paused)
  5. Video>Snapshot
  6. A still image is automatically saved to your desktop as a PNG image file

Saving Online Video

zamzar onine file conversion

Some online streaming video can be converted to common video file formats using services such as Zamzar:

Additional Help

Instructions in this guide were written for Mac.  For additional help or for help specific to Windows OS, contact the Colby ITS Help Desk:

Students: or ext. 4224

Faculty/Staff: or ext. 4222

Inserting Video into PowerPoint

PowerPoint logo

Embedding Video into PowerPoint

Embedding video clips into a PowerPoint presentation is quick and easy.  Just remember that the length of your clip(s) will increase the total file size of your presentation.

*NOTE: Be sure to check which video formats your version of PowerPoint will accept.

  1. Save your video clip
  2. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  3. Insert new slide
  4. Insert>Movie>navigate to video file>Choose
  5. Select whether you want the video to start Automatically or When Clicked
  6. Video frame may then be resized, etc. and title/text may be added

Linking to Online Video

Linking to online video sources (such as YouTube) is also simple.  Be aware that since the video resource is not embedded into your PPT file, it must be available online at the time your presentation is given.  As online video is always subject to takedown, be sure to double check your links immediately prior to your scheduled time.

  1. Locate your onine video
  2. Copy the video URL (always look for a persistent link, e.g. as found when clicking Share This on YouTube)
  3. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  4. Select the text or image you'd like to link
  5. Insert>Hyperlink
  6. Paste link into the Link To box, click OK

More Info

Visit Microsoft's online PowerPoint training center at:


Words of wisdom from Colby ITS:

"Be careful about embedding video in PowerPoint presentations. Check to see what video formats your installation of PowerPoint will accept - this varies by version of PowerPoint and operating system (PC or Mac). Sometimes it is easier to link to a video file on the web rather than try to embed it into the presentation. Also, be aware that embedding a video into PowerPoint is going to increase the size of your presentation significantly."


fair use reminder

Another friendly disclaimer:

The instructions on this page are intended for those working on educational projects and who intend to observe the practices of Fair Use of copyrighted materials.  When in doubt, contact your friendly neighborhood librarian.

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