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Classics: Euripides

This page brings together important resources for various branches of study in classical antiquity.

On Particular Plays

A commentary on Euripides' Iphigenia in Tauris / Poulheria Kyriakou   PA3978 .K97 2006 or ONLINE

Euripides, Alexandros : introduction, text and commentary / Ioanna Karamanou   ONLINE

Euripides, Danae and Dictys : introduction, text and commentary / Ioanna Karamanou   PA3978 .K39 2006 or ONLINE

Euripides' escape-tragedies : a study of Helen, Andromeda, and Iphigenia among the Taurians / Matthew Wright   PA3978 .W75 2005 or ONLINE

Euripides, Ion : edition and commentary / Gunther Martin   ONLINE

Euripides : Iphigenia among the Taurians / Isabelle Torrance   PA3973.I8 T67 2019 

Hidden paths : self and characterization in Greek tragedy : Euripides' Bacchae / Chiara Thumiger   PA3973.B2 T58 2007

Misery and forgiveness in Euripides : meaning and structure in the Hippolytus / Boris Nikolsky ; translated from the Russian by Mikhail Nikolosky   PA3978 .N55 2015

The Andromache and Euripidean tragedy / William Allan   PA3973.A63 A45 2000

Books on Euripides in General

Companions to Euripides 

A companion to Euripides / edited by Laura K. McClure   ONLINE

Essays on Euripidean drama / Gilbert Norwood   ONLINE

Euripides / Isabelle Torrance   PA3978 .T66 2019

Euripides / edited by Judith Mossman   PA3978 .E884 2002

Euripides talks / edited by Alan Beale   PA3978 .E887 2008

The plays of Euripides / by James Morwood   PA3978 .M67 2002

Reception of Euripides

Brill's companion to the reception of Euripides / edited by Rosanna Lauriola and Kyriakos N. Demetriou   PA3978 .B75 2015 or ONLINE

Euripides our contemporary / J. Michael Walton   PA3978 .W35 2010 or ONLINE

Books on aspects of Euripides 

Euripides and the boundaries of the human / Mark Ringer   PA3978 .R48 2016

Euripides and the poetics of nostalgia / Gary S. Meltzer   PA3978 .M42 2006 or ONLINE

Euripides and the politics of form / Victoria Wohl   PA3978 .W64 2015 or ONLINE

Euripides and the Sophists : some dramatic treatments of philosophical ideas / D.J. Conacher   PA3978 .C65 1998

Euripides and tragic theatre in the late fifth century / edited by Martin Cropp, Kevin Lee, David Sansone   PA1 .I43  v.24-25

Euripides's revolution under cover : an essay / Pietro Pucci   PA3978 .P83 2016 or ONLINE

Metapoetry in Euripides / Isabelle Torrance   PA3978 .T67 2013 or ONLINE

Shared storytelling in Euripidean stichomythia / Liesbeth Schuren   PA3978 .S345 2015 or ONLINE

The art of Euripides : dramatic technique and social context / Donald J. Mastronarde   PA3978 .M37 2010

Tragic workings in Euripides' drama : the anthropology of the genre / Synnove des Bouvrie   PA3131 .D47 2018

Wisdom and folly in Euripides / edited by Poulheria Kyriakou and Antonios Rengakos   ONLINE

Relevant books on Greek tragedy in general

Acts of Compassion in Greek tragic drama / James F. Johnson   PA3136 .J64 2016

Cheiron's way : youthful education in Homer and tragedy / Justina Gregory   PA4037 .G696 2019 or ONLINE

Children in Greek tragedy : pathos and potential / Emma M. Griffiths   PA3136 .G75 2020 or ONLINE

Euripides and the tragic tradition / Ann N. Michelini   PA3978 .M5 1987 or ONLINE

Eurykleia and her successors : female figures of authority in Greek poetics / Helen Pournara Karydas   PA3015.W65 K37 1998

Female acts in Greek tragedy / Helene P. Foley   PA3136 .F65 2001 or ONLINE

From agent to spectator : witnessing the aftermath in ancient Greek epic and tragedy / Emily Allen-Hornblower   PA4037 .A6117 2016 or ONLINE

Greek tragedies as plays for performance / David Raeburn   ONLINE

Greek tragedy and the contemporary actor / Zachary Dunbar, Stephe Harrop   PA3201 .D86 2018

Greek tragedy on the move : the birth of a Panhellenic art form c.500-300 BC / Edmund Stewart   ONLINE

Greek tragedy : themes and contexts / Laura Swift   PA3136 .S948 2016

Harmful interaction between the living and the dead in Greek tragedy / Bridget Martin   PA3136 .M388 2020

Paracomedy : appropriations of comedy in Greek tragedy / Craig Jendza   ONLINE

Performance, iconography, reception : studies in honour of Oliver Taplin / edited by Martin Revermann and Peter Wilson   PA3092 .P47 2008 or ONLINE

Performing oaths in classical Greek drama / Judith Fletcher   PA3136 .F58 2012

Ritual irony : poetry and sacrifice in Euripides / Helene P. Foley   PA3978 .F6 1985 or ONLINE

Telling tragedy : narrative technique in Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides / Barbara Goward   PA3131 .G69 2004

The materialities of Greek tragedy : objects and affect in Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides / edited by Mario Telò and Melissa Mueller   PA3136 .M384 2018

The play of texts and fragments : essays in honour of Martin Cropp / edited by J.R.C. Cousland and James R. Hume

The politics of youth in Greek tragedy : gangs of Athens / Matthew Shipton   PA3136 .S55 2018

Tragedy, ritual and money in ancient Greece : selected essays / Richard Seaford   PA3061 .S43 2018 or ONLINE

Tragic bodies : edges of the human in Greek drama / Nancy Worman  ONLINE

Tragic heroines in ancient Greek drama / Hanna M. Roisman   PA3136 .R59 2021

Visualizing the tragic : drama, myth, and ritual in Greek art and literature : essays in honour of Froma Zeitlin / edited by Chris Kraus ... [and others]   PA3014.T66 V57 2007

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